Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Craig's 1st Email

Craig emailed this to mom and dad. He entered the MTC Jan 9, 2007. Pictures to be mosted soon.
Hey how are you guys doing?
I wrote you a letter this morning that you will probably get in a couple days. Haha... o well. The MTC is awesome! I really really like it, my comp is not to bad either. I think i told you about him already in that letter I sent you guys. Thanks for the brownies! They are way good! We went to the temple this morning, so mom you can't come to the Provo temple on monday mornings haha. Matter of fact just stay away from the Provo temple/ Provo Area haha. They only give us like 30 minutes a week to type emails and the systems are way slow, so unless i email this out way early it will break. I can't fix them here either they are beyond repair :) .
> So the food is pretty good, i think i told you that. And we stay super busy. We aren't even allowed to breath unless we scheldule it and plan for it. I took to many breaths the other day and they almost sent me home for hogging all the air. It was scary. lol
> I lost my companion at a huge meeting the other day, it was pretty intense. i couldn't find him and i was freaking out. the ZL's helped me find him though and i was relieved, it was like trying to find a lost dog, but except it wasn't a dog.
> Chinese is coming along well. i don't think i will have any problem with it. No offense dad and mom, but Spanish is way to easy. i sometimes envy the elders that are learning normal languages, but i am so excited to learn chinese. if you can learn mandarin i am confident that you can learn any language. the tones are so intense, we have been learning a ton of words and the word for Jesus Christ is Yesu Jidu, but if you say it wrong you are saying something about a monkey. The teacher that told us that is chinese and she doesn't speak english very well, but everyone is afraid to correct her because she is kind of mean, so we just sit there wondering what the heck she is trying to say and laugh because thats about all you can do here when something goes wrong.
> The MTC is full of laughs i haven't laughed so hard and so much in my entire life. i love all the missionaries here. there is such a unique bond here as you prepare to invite others to come unto Christ. i have never felt such a love for a group of strangers in my entire life. It is so neat!! I can't even explain it to you. Well i better go, i still have to write Gabe an email and i only have like another 4 minutes left on my time. i love you guys so much and miss you a ton, but i couldn't be happier than i am in here.
> love,
> Elder Anderson
> Zhang zhang lao.

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