Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 29 Email

well the spirit here today at the MTC is somber, but strong. Although I am sure all of us will miss President Hinckley's witty jokes, clever talks, and heart warming smile, I can't help but be happy for him as he goes on to return to live with his wife. I will miss him, but it doesn't change my purpose here. I love President Hinckley and I know that the next prophet will truly be God's servant here on the earth. Pray for the church leaders I am sure they have many long nights ahead of them... Well you all probably will know more about whats going on then me so feel free to email me.

This has been one of the most spiritual weeks at the MTC. Everyone here is awesome! It doesn't matter who you were before you came here, we are all united in one purpose now and you can feel the love that each missionary has for the people they are preparing to serve all over the world. There is no greater work than missionary work! The languages is still coming great, just building vocab and working on the goofy grammar of chinese. Well another week at the MTC is done and we begin another one, the days and weeks are flying by, I love it! I'm gonna be in Taiwan in no time. And the MTC rocks, anyone that says it sucks is crazy haha. The food is good and the people are friendly, what more could you ask for?

Thanks for all the emails and letters and They are all great! If you wanna save 41 cents just use, it works great.

I love you all,
Elder Anderson

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