Monday, February 18, 2008

February 18, 2008 Email

well i dont have much time to day. they are slowly figuring out all the ways i can have more time to type. they only give us 30 minutes on pday and the computer are terrible so it is really hard to get them to work in 30 minutes anyways.

nothing to fantastic has happened this week. we just are speaking chinese a lot. my district is pretty sweet. there are 7 of us now. we just got a new branch president. anyways, i played piano for our church meeting the other day, i messed up a lot, but i dont think anyone noticed. i dont like to play piano for the meetings its scary.

well the chinese is coming good. i was praying in chinese with my teacher the other day during an interview. brother dean, who happens to be one of the best teachers in the world, anyways, while i was praying i got the words for laoshi and laoshu mixed. so i ended up in my prayer asking heavenly father to bless all my rats that they may teach me better. hahaha... that was pretty funny.

the language mistakes are the best. they are so freaking hilarious. somebody from our zone was reciting part of Joseph Smith history, and instead of saying "this is my beloved son, hear him," they said "this is my beloved midget hear him." the words for midget and son are the same except the tones are different they both sound like "aihtsa" though.

well insanity has begin to set in. it is week 7 and we have been laughing at everything. the dumbest little things will put the entire district on a giggling rampage. thankfully, we have never had one of these little fits while we had a teacher. they always happen during personal study.

i really have learned to love everybody here. we are all so different, but we are united in the fact that we are all here to bring others unto Christ. i wish i could spend my entire mission with the young men i have met here, but i am sure i will meet many more great young men in the field. well thats all for me. i love you all and hope you are doing great.

elder anderson

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