Monday, March 3, 2008

March 4, 2008 Email

ni hao well team,

life is going good. mtc is pretty awesome still, i have been here for almost 2 months now. we were talking as a disctrict and it definitely takes a certain kind of person do be able to make it through these 12 weeks with out going crazy. but it hasn't been that bad at all, occassionally i here the little new elders whining about how hard it is and then i ask them how long they have been here, they are usually like "4 weeks and its so tough," i giggle quitely inside as a inform them of my 8 week stay thus far.

well i am starting to feel like a senior in high school, it is coming down to the wire. we have been here longer than anybody else and we are almost ready to be sent out. the only difference between us and being a senior is that we aren't getting lazy. there is no senioritice here. matter-of-fact yesterday i was thinking about how much time we have left until we leave and it kind of scared me. i have always been working hard here, but these last 3 weeks are crunch time. i leave on the 24th of march, so i have exactly 3 weeks from today to be able to speak chinese well enough to teach the gospel and survive daily tasks. i think i am doing alright though. my pronunciation isn't the best, but i am working on that. they tell us that we will pick up the pronunciation once we get over there and start hearing it everyday, it is nearly impossible to do so in an enviroment with all none native speakers.

well this week just flew by. i can hardly remember the story i wanted to tell you all this week. it was a funny one. but maybe i will remember it in a second.

the food isn't so bad. once you learn the ins and outs of the lunch room it is wonderful. there are all sorts of things you can get, you just have got to know where to look and when. its great being an oldie of the MTC, we know virtually all of the hidden treasures haha.

o i remembered my story, so elder fronk, one of the elders in my aparment, we were in a mission conference yesterday. it is this really boring 2 hour meeting that is extremely large. there are about 2000 people in this meeting. anyways, yesterday we were all fasting so our bodies were pretty tired, not to mention the room where the mission conference was held was about 100 degrees. elder fronk fell asleep right, no big deal whatever, but he got startled by something and awoke by flinging his limbs in every which way. he ended up kicking one of the people in front of him in the back of the head, who happened to be a Branch Presidenct. Branch Presidents are like the bishops over small little groups of missionaries here of about 60. so this branch president turns around to see what the heck is going on and sees elder fronk just sitting there. elder fronk didn't know what to do, so he just was like "hi" and waved. it was funny trust me.

well i wish i had more to say, but its tough remembering in the morning. we have been teaching about heaven and what happens after this life in the TRC. the TRC is a place for volunteers to come to let the missionaries practice their language. well we were in there teaching this lesson, to a native, and my companion accidently told her that heaven is this "very pessimistic place" it was kind of funny, i started laughing and the lady just looked at him so confused. the words are really close and he got his sentence structure all messed up so it changed the meaning.

anyways i love you all and appreciate your support.

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