Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Email April 22, 2008

i have been waiting and waiting to see some pics of this new little member of the fam. she is so cute! i wish i could see her. wow does she have some hair. holy cow, is that thing real? its dark to so it really sticks out. well congrats to amy and jeff. i dont really have time to do personal emails, especially today because the myldsemail system crapped out this morning (my morning) so we had to come back a little later. its about 4 in the afternoon right now, pday is almost over. but ya little kaylie is a cutie.

well well well, this week was a blurr, i can't believe i have almost been here for a month. things are starting to seem a little more normal, but i still think they are weird. one thing that i don't think i will ever get used to is their dog problem here. they have dogs everywhere, i love dogs, but i hate these dogs. a lot of them have like mang and gross crap, someone needs to put them all down. one tried to attack me yesterday, but i started running at it and that scared it off. then 2 days ago at like 9 o clock at night we had just left a members house and it was super quite in this alley way and out of no where this dog freaked out and started coming after me, right before it got to me it reached the end of its chain and it got yanked back, it yelped... i laughed. hahaha

i decided something this week, i decided that this missions really isn't about me giving back to the the Lord. because you really can't pay the Lord back for everything he has done for us, it is about the Lord making you into a better person. the mission isn't a sacrifice at all it is a blessing. i have grown a lot, spiritually, mentally, and physically. don't worry i am still craig, but everyday i change for the better just a little bit. i am still cynnical, hahah i don't know if that will change. but it is awesome having this opportunity to change myself. one of the things i know Heavenly Father wants me to work on out here is patience. not just patience with others, but patience with myself. chinese is tough, tougher than i thought at times. i can memorize vocab pretty well, but their pronunciation is killing me. i guess down here in the south since it is a little bit lower class, people don't announciate and they pronounce things a little more slangy. i am working on it though. i like talking to people from taipei, they have great chinese hahaha. thats about the only thing that is frustrating me right now.

i was talking about pronunciation with my companion and i feel bad for people that have to learn english. just think of the way you so 'want to' wanna, is how most people say it. oh ya we have english class tonight, that is gonna be fun. we teach an english class on wednesday.

apart from the attempted murders committed against me by rabid dogs, this week was pretty standard. not only were the dogs angry this week though, but so were the ama's. (ama is grandma in Taiyu). you call old people grandma and grandpa. anyways, i got reamed out by a ton of old ladies, it was hilarious because they yell at me in Taiyu and i tell them i don't speak Taiyu, but they continue to yell at me. so usually i just start laughing, and sometimes they will start laughing so its not so bad. my favorite thing to do here, is to just smile really big at specific people and wave. cuz as soon as you give them a genuine smile there semi-frowns, turn upside down, and they give you a big old smile back.

its fun! a lot of people don't like the missionaries here because they have heard lies about us and the church. so i figure if i can at least make them smile and be happy then maybe they won't we so cold to us. my favorite rumor that i have heard about what people think we do so far is that, we don't really belong to a church, we just run around talking to people so that we can practice our Chinese and so that we can come back to taiwan and be business men. I wish someone would have told me thats what i was doing out here, becoming a business man, then i wouldn't have to learn all this super conplex religious and philisophical vocabulary. i wanted to say that to this guy the other day that told us that we didn't really follow Jesus Christ. i didn't i just smiled and told him to have a good day.

well i think i have rambled on long enough. i love you all.

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