Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Email May 14, 2008

it seems like i just talked to you all the other day hahaha... well its only been a day since i talked to you so nothing new has happened. I was going to email you some pictures today, but the lady at the internet cafe is too lazy to come set it up on my computer. Maybe next week a different lady will do it for me. People lie a lot over here, hahaha... i asked her if i could do it today and should told me "meiyou banfa" which means its not possible to do it. She must think i am retarded or something because my companion has used it here before. o well. i am a little frustrated with her though.

well there really isn't anything i have to write about today, i miss you all a ton, but i love my mission. i love the language and the culture (somedays).

one thing i forgot to tell you about on the phone was that they think it is wicked cool that i am indian (native american). no one ever believes that i am from the US and then they ask where my ancestors are from and i always tell them europe and i have a lot of native american blood in me too. They think it is really cool! A lot of people in this area are whats called yuanzhumin which just means aborignee. They have darker skin and usually speak another aboriginee language. They are all really nice and most of them are christian so we talk with them a lot. Several of our members down here are aborignees, and they feel like they have a special connection with me because i look more like them then most elders.

o i have a cool story. Last night we had a lesson setup but they cancelled, so we decided to go do a little bit of contacting in the street. We really aren't supposed to knock on peoples doors because everyone has already been contacted. So what we decided to do was just walk down streets and if people had their doors open then we would just pop in and say hello. Our area has been over knocked like crazy and people are starting to get annoyed so this works out great. Anyways while we were doing this we came across this lady who was about 60. She was way nice and invited us in and cut up some fruit and brought it out to us. We got to talking with her and found out that she was Jehovah's Witness. She is awesome! She has a ton of the Bible memorized, but she has a hard time understanding the meaning, so we talked about that for a little while. And then she starts telling us how she met with some missionaries about a year ago and they talked to her all about our church, but she had a hard time understanding them because they were so new. Then she starts going off about how interested she was but she just couldn't grasp what they were saying. Long story short we talked to her for about an hour and she wants us to come back on Saturday. Her knowledge of the Bible is awesome, she rocks. She said one of the coolest things i think i have heard anyone say over here. she basically said "it doesn't matter if you are white are black, or christian or muslim or buddhist, we are all children of God, no matter what religion or race you are." I thought that was awesome because thats what we believe too. I think people sometimes assume that missionaries hate other churches and discriminate and stuff, but this lady understood that we just want to help everybody get to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ even better. One of the most awesome people i have met so far.

well sorry not much to report. i love you all a ton.

Elder Anderson

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