Monday, June 16, 2008

June 14, 2008 Email

hey everyone,

i totally forgot to tell you about my up coming move. i didn't know where i was moving until 3 days ago, so i wouldnt have been able to tell you about anyways. but it is monday here and i normally email you on wednesday, so it will be 10 days until i can email again.

i just arrived in me new area about 1 hour ago. it is called Ping Tung, its pronounced Ping Dong. wow, its awesome. it is still raining like crazy, but the city is really neat. lots of cool shops and what nots. it is also very clean, which is a welcome change. my last area was really dirty, it had open sewers and stuff, which was really gross. i always teased my last companion that if i got really mad at him i just might push him into it. so there is really much to tell you about my new area because i dont really know it yet.

my new companion is awesome. his name is Chen Wei Yang. and he is taiwanese! but his english is really really good, which should make it really easy. we talk in a mixture of chinese and english, standard chinglish. but he is a way fun guy, i think we are going to get a long great, and i think my chinese is going to improve tons too.

well since i emailed you all earlier there isn't much to tell you about. i packed up all my stuff and moved, i was a little sad to move from my last area because i really started to love the branch, but i am so excited that i have a native companion. i am going to make his ears bleed with chinese language questions.

i have been soaked for the past 3 days. its awesome, i feel like i am swimming. i love the rain, it keeps everything cool. when there is no rain, i get tired really easy because the heat just sucks all the energy out of me. i am definitely a cold weather dweller.

i know this email is early and that i didn't warn you so dont worry about not emailing me this week, it was my fault. i will email you again in 10 days. bye bye love yall

Elder Craig Anderson

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