Thursday, July 10, 2008

Email July 8, 2008

i am in the mission office on Preparation DAY! what a pain :)! its not so bad actually, i am just glad that i am able to help. the office's computer situation is one of the worst i have ever seen. i have handle headaches that have involved over 100 computers, but this is a new beast. its a chinese beast. and its angry. jk

its extremely complicated. you know me and how i like my computers. my room is a different story, but if its electronic i like a nice logic flow. i have been trying to get their emails working, the church decided to switch over to the New Outlook 2007, a little early i think, but o well. i am doing my best to try and get it all up and running for them. they only have about 9 computers, but its tough. especially since i have been out of the loop for over half a year when it comes to computer stuff.

this week was great. nothing to special happened. just the same thing. riding around in the hot hot heat trying not to get bit by rabid old ladies. just kidding. i love it. our investigators are doing great and i really feel that i am starting to have an effect in building up the lords kindom here in taiwan.

my testimony grows everyday. its amazing. i feel like everything is so much more clear and simple than it used to be. this is by far my favorite transfer so far. i am loving it. i am so sorry for the brief email today, but i really got to get back to work on these computers. i love you all so much, i will email you again next week.

love craig

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