Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 1, 2008 Email

i had a really cool experience this week. lately i have been thinking that i have lost that edge that i had when i first got here. when i first got here i seemed to notice everything, every little detail, but lately i feel like i have just gotten used to everything. i dont want to get used to everything. anyways, my companion and i were hunting down some less active members, we turned down this dark alley way to try and find the Zhen Family's house. There were about 30 people in the alley way, smoking and drinking and playing chinese chess. all the apartments open up in to the street and its really dark because the building are tall and there are rain guards that block out all the light, plus it was at night. anyways the zhen family wasn't home so my companion wrote them a little note and placed it on their door. as we were getting ready to leave out of the corner of my eye i saw a man about 30 yards down the alley, acting kind of strangely, he had started walking down the alley, but when he saw us he stopped and walked the other way. i knew it was our member. i told my companion, hey that guy is brother zhen. and he was like ya ya whatever you dont know. but i told him, i promise you that is him. so he was like fine go talk to him. we caught up to him and my companion looked at me like, see its not him we dont even know what he looks like, but i said to the guy "Hey are you brother zhen?" and the man was like ya. my companions face just dropped. it was hilarious i almost busted out laughing. we talked to brother zhen for a second and we could tell he didnt want to talk to us so we just told him that we missed him at church and wanted him to come back and that we still cared about him. anyways, afterwards my companion was like how in the heck did you know that was our member? there were a ton of people in that alley and it was dark and noisy. how did you know? i just laughed and said i got skills. anyways that made me feel better because i thought i was becoming dull. dont worry though i am still sharp. hahaha

well i love you guys, life is good. i am having a blast and know that i am supposed to be here. love ya

the picture of the week is of a lost dog poster. i dont think these dogs are lost, i think they got eaten. i think some old man turned them into hot dogs. if you can see the flyer very well the person is offering 10000 taiwanese dollars for them, which is about 300 USD. i think someone just made themselves a 300 dollar hot dog. that got to be the most expensive hot dog ever. hahaha. i am actually not sure what happened to the dogs i am just kidding, but maybe...

;) love yall

Elder Anderson

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