Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aug 5, 2008 Email

Well hello everybody. I hear grandpa isn't doing so well. the email that i recieved got chopped in half somewhere along the line. anyways, i hope you are all doing okay. i love ya gramps.

this week was an amazing week! first off, i think i am the luckiest person in the world. i won the Taiwan Lottery. I won 4000 taibi, which is the equivalent to about $150 USD. not to bad eh? the lottery here is different everytime you buy something, all the reciepts have a number on them. so if you save all your reciepts, then at the end of the month you check and see if you won. and i wone. i was only 2 more numbers away from winning a lot more too. its crazy. i am just gonna give the money to the Mission Office though, i would feel weird keeping it.

how crazy is that though? i won the lottery, i won a lot too!

well my new companion he is great. he is from Pleasant Grove, UT. We getting along great, we both love the outdoors and stuff. This is his 7 month on island, so he has been here for about 3 months more than me.

since he is new to the area i get so show him around and introduce him to all of our members and investigators. it is really fun, but a lot of responsibility. because this is my first time being in an area twice in a row. it is my responsibility to know all the streets and places to go and stuff. fun fun fun.

so this sunday we had a really cool experience. we went to a park to go and contact and see if we could talk to anyone there. we werent havent very much luck and were about to leave, but elder heder suggested that we go check out the back of the park. we went to the very back of the park and ran into a member and his friend just out for a walk. his friend was really scared of us at first, but we talked to him and joked with him a little and he warmed up. he then started to tell us how he is scared of white people! i almost laughed, i kept teasing him about it and then i think he realized how ridiculous it was. anyways, he had never really met an american before so we sat down and started talking.

he started talking about how every cultures are to different. i asked him why he thought cultures were so different and he went off about how we all look different and stuff. then i smiled and recited perfectly a chinese proverb that says "All men are brothers." directly translated it means, the 4 oceans are all siblings. in chinese it is "si hai zhinei jei xiongdi." he was a little suprised that we knew this idiom. but then he was like ok so if that is true what does that mean? we were able to teach him all about creation and his member friend bore testimony of it all. then we taught him how to pray and sent him home with a Book Of Mormon. it was so cool! especially because it was a completely unexpected awesome lesson, assisted by a member, in the middle of a public park, in a stinking huge city. i know for a fact that it was not by chance that we came acrossed them.

a cockroach tried to take over my bowl of curry a couple days ago. i laid my curry down for a minute to go get a drink and when i came back there was a cockroach attempting a hostile take over of my delicious bowl of curry. needless to say a battle of epic proportion took place which resulted in the death of my great and noble nemesis. but man was that some good curry. luckily i got to him before he had crawled inside the bowl. all is well, all is well.

love ya,

Elder Anderson

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