Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Email Aug 27, 2008

Arabs in Tawain-

this week was a hot one. i think i melted. seriously, i am getting skinny, i probably only way like 140 now. i need to eat some more pig foot that will fatten me up. hahaha...

missionary work is hard work. but i tell you what i think i could beat lance armstrong in a bike race right now. some one give him a call and tell him i issued an official challenge ;).

yesterday i had quite the experience. people dont usually get to confrontational here in taiwan, but yesterday this guy started yelling at me in arabic i think. i pulled up to this guy on the street and started talking to him, all i did was ask him how his day was going. and he blew up and started yelling at me. he said something that sounded like "fuska la ohla kiss blah blah blah." i speak chinese and i speak enough taiyu to know that he wasn't speaking either of those languages. i told him i didnt understand what he was saying and then he repeated the exact same thing again. i think it was arabic, i know a little bit of arabic so i im pretty sure thats what he was speaking. thinking back on it he might have been was muslim, i didn't notice at first because he was wearing a helmet, but underneath the helmet he was wearing like a bandanna that tied in the back to cover his head. there arent very many muslims here at all so the thought didnt even cross my mind when i first pulled up to him. it was a little creepy i thought he was gonna try and hit me. he was so mad. all i could do was laugh. no one around me at the stop light seemed to understand what he was saying either. anyways after he yelled at me the same thing 3 times i told him to please speak in chinese and then the light turned green. i told him to have a nice day and then he speed off. ?!?!?!?!funny but so weird though, i hope there is like a rewind button in heaven so i can look back and see what in the world this guy was yelling at me for. all i did was ask him how his day was going?!

well, food here is so good. i have learned to cook some of the things here i will have to cook them for you all when i get home. everyday i find a new delicious item.

speaking of delicious in a minute we are going to this all you can eat buffet place. its really good.

apart from this week just being really physically hard i cant think of anything that stands out. basically just the typical taiwan day. biking in the hot sun trying to find addresses in the worst address system known to man. street address will often go from 13 to 404 then back to like 99. and all these houses are right next to each other. pretty crazy eh?

oh ya the olympics we hardly even mentioned over here. i think taiwan is a little bitter about the whole thing. place i hear that china smacked down taiwans baseball team. apart from that i have not heard a word about then. i saw some cool olympic coke bottles, but thats it. we asked our english class if they wanted to learn how to say some of the events and they had a very "who gives a crap about the olympics" attitude. so ya i dont know anything besides the coke bottles i saw at mcdonalds, i think they are boycotting it because china and taiwan are enemies in a way.

times up i gotta go. i love you all. pray for my investigators. i really do get to eat pigs foot tomorrow. how cool is that?! peace

elder anderson

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