Monday, October 20, 2008

I Moved

i am in the heart of the city of Kaohsiung. Its huge. and guess what, i wil=
l be right next to the mission office in case of computer problems. coinc=
idence, i think not ;). i am really excited our area is so city like. i h=
ave a new companion who is way cool, his name is Elder Yen and he is from=
taibei. i am so excited.

seriously our area is like down town new york. kinda,. we have a costco, su=
bway, ikea, all sorts of fun stuff. it almost doesnt even feel like a for=
eign place. it is definitely very westernized. stink ya, lots and lots an=
d lots of people.

well my last week in Ping Dong was my best week i have ever had on my missi=
on. for one thing we had a lot of really good lessons and met some great =
new investigators, but the best thing of all was that rick got baptized. =
it was so awesome. On saturday we had his baptism and he asked me to bapt=
ize him. As we waded into the water i started to get a little teary eyed =
because i was so moved by the transformation i have seen in him over the =
past couple months. he followed me into the water and as i said the bapti=
smal pray i was so choked up i could hardly say it. it was so awesome. th=
e best part of it all was that Ricks mom got to come. it was a miracle th=
at she could come. i am so happy that his family is somewhat supportive o=
f him becoming a christian.

on Friday night, i warned him that sometimes when the Holy Spirit is really=
strong it makes people cry. He laughed and said, yeah right i will not c=
ry only sissies cry. hahahaha... well lo and behold, as soon as he came u=
p out of the water he started crying hahaha... i did too. then when he bo=
re his testimony he bore a really powerful testimony and we all laughed b=
ecause he told the congregation that when i told him friday night that he=
might cry he didnt believe me. it was so great.=20

sunday, he was confirmed a member of the church and received the Holy Spiri=
t to be with him as long as he remains worthy. he will too, he is such an=
awesome guy. We all just have got to endure to the end.

(Hey Rick if you are reading this, I luv ya!!)

The last lesson i taught in Ping Dong was with Rick, we taught him a new me=
mber lesson about enduring to the end and honoring our baptismal covenant=
s. Really great, i wish i could send you pictures, but the internet cafe =
we are using is really not very good. one day i will get you some, maybe =
next week. actually i will try and mail some because they printed a bunch=
out for me.

well goodbye to ping dong and hello kaohsiung. talk about excited! its goin=
g to be an awesome move, i might actually learn how to speak chinese now =
that i have a native companion.

i love you all, thanks for the emails, i will email you in 9 days.

Elder Craig Anderson

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