Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hey, Well quite a lot has happened since we last talked. On last Thursday, about 30 seconds after I had gotten out of bed. The phone started to ring. Since it was 6:30 am, I was already a little drowsy. I answered the phone and quickly realized that the person on the other end was our Mission President, President Hsu. I already knew what he wanted. On Wednesday night I had a very strange feeling that the next day President Hsu was going to call me to be a Mission Office Elder. Sure enough President Hsu told me that he had decided to call me to be the Recorder in the mission office. He said that because of the merging of our mission and the Taichong mission they need me to come be here during the transfer to make sure all the data and what not gets setup correctly. Right now I am emailing you from my desk. It is really weird, I can't believe that I am no longer out in the mission field. It is okay though because from 6 pm to 9pm we get to be normal missionaries. It is also weird from not being able to use computers to using a computer all day long. It is fun though, I get to learn a lot about how the Missionary work is going. It is also neat because part of my job is to record the new baptisms, so I get to share in the excitement and joy of seeing somebody accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My job basically includes processing the mission information to better help President Hsu run the mission. Apart from that I am the computer repairman of course. After President Hsu called me on Thursday it has been crazy. He told me I needed to pack up and be at the office in 3 hours. So I threw everything in my bags, including my wet clothes that were still in the washer. Hahahaha... It has been great though. There is a lot to learn and the Elder that I am replacing only has about 1 week to show me everything that I am supposed to do. It is really fun though to be back in my old area. Last night we went to visit one of my old investigators from 3 months ago. I am back in the city now. Downtown Kaohsiung. It is great! So now when you guys think of me, don't think of me being out on the street talking with people or walking down the street preaching. I am in and office from 8am - 6pm. But after 6pm I am normal again get to go outside! I love going outside. I was never much of an inside person. But I am happy to be in a position that I can help out. Right now this is where I am needed and I know that the Lord confirmed it to me that Wednesday night before I got the call. My investigators in Gang Shan will be taken care of by my old companion. My new company is an Elder Zheng. He is awesome and is from Taiwan. He is hilarious! Well I have got a lot of stuff to do so I gotta go but I love you all and look forward to hearing your responses next week.

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