Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 27, 2008 Email

i can't believe how fast my mission is going! i feel like i have already told you all everything. This week was weird. We had a big Zone Conference which was fun. We got to go see other missionaries! Me and my companion are the only missionaires for about 30 kilometers in each direction. The only time we see other missionairies is on Sunday when we have Church.

I take that back, i met some other missionaries yesterday from Finland. They were from the Presbyterian Church i think. Really nice people! They are a bit older probably about 60 and their English, wasn't that good so we talked in what i coined FinChinglish. It was so weird! Such nice people though, the wife was a little stand-offish, but i talked with the husband for a couple minutes and just introduced my self and asked if there was anything we could help them with. I am not sure they entirely understood. I was with Elder Kitterman who came on island the same time as me, so my real companion was up in Dong Gang on exchanges. It was fun though meeting other christians here, sometimes i feel like we are the only ones.

that was the only fun thing that happened this week. everything else was just standard. o i forgot about that. Yesterday, we saw flocks of cars heading to all the gas stations. There were lines for gas that were over a mile long! My companion, Elder Mcdonald, and i got really worried that something was going on that we didn't know about. I felt like something big had happened and we were out of the loop.

Later on that night we found out the today the government levied a tax on gas so it is going up about 10 cents, but people were freaking out. I was a little on edge, especially because i wasn't sure what was going on.

well i love you all, i will try and be more entertaining next week.


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