Thursday, June 5, 2008

June 4, 2008 Email

It has been pouring buckets of rain. Never in my life have I seen rain like this. Its like the blizzard of rain storms, you can not see more than 50 yards a head of you. And from what i hear from the locals this storm wasn't even that bad.

3 days ago we decided to go visit this little tiny village in the mountains, it was lightly drizzling when we started off. The village is about 1 hour and a half away from our house. about 45 minutes into the ride the rain started to pick up. we had our rain gear on so no biggy. anyways, as we headed into this canyon to get to the village, we took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in a little river, we pedaled through it for about 50 yards and then we decided that this probably wasn't the way so we headed back. the water was about 1 foot or deeper and everytime i pedaled my foot would get immersed entirely in water.

as we headed up the slope to get out of this little ravine think. there were things floating by us. mind you we are pedaling up hill and as we pedal up, boxes and cans and cups and mangoes were floating by us it was crazy.

we were joking about how we broke the no swimming rule, because it seriously felt like we were swimming on our bikes. it wasn't dangerous so dont worry it was just amazing.

i am out of time love ya all by


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