Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Secret Admirer

WOW! I still can't believe Ali is the Homecoming Queen. Thats so amazing! I know she is probably trying to forget about it by now, but I just had to remind everyone.

It was another wonderful week in the heat. There was supposed to be a huge typhoon here yesterday. That was a lie! it sprinkled for about an hour, but it was hardly raining and there was no wind. I was a little annoyed because everyone was acting like it was supposed to be this huge event so they cancelled all these lessons and activities we had scheduled all for nothing. O well, we were able to go and talk with lots of different people yesterday.

Rick is doing so good! He was originally getting baptized this saturday, but because his mom want to come see it, he moved it until october 11th. Its going to be so great! i am so happy that his family is supporting him even though they are all Daoist and Buddhist (fake buddhist). Anyways, its going to be great! he is so prepared and ready to make this step in his life. What a smart guy, he has been reading the scriptures like crazy. He started reading the Book Of Mormon last month and is just about to finish it. We went to get ice cream with him yesterday and just talked about stuff and answered some of his questions. Whenever he reads he takes notes on all the questions he has and then asks us. Most of his questions are just vocabulary questions, he might not quite understand what a certain word means, but he is so smart that everything else he understands perfectly.

So i have a secret admirer here. Someone put an envelope with my name on it in our mailbox and with no return address. It was really nice, and just said. Thanks for your service here in Taiwan, it was really cute. it had my name on it and everything. I wish I new who it was so bad, i think it is this older christian lady that lives in our building, what a nice old lady.

Learning Chinese is going so well! I feel like i broke through this huge barrier last week. I have been studying characters like crazy. Anyways, i feel like i cracked the code to characters and now they are super easy to memorize. There are about 4000 that i want to memorize the meanings and pronunciations. If you know 4000 you are about as fluent as a high school graduate, so thats good enough for me. Once you start to see the meanings in the characters they are really deep. Since it is the oldest writing system known to man it has got some very interesting ties back to religion and stuff. For example the way that you write the word boat, is a boat looking object with 8 mouths around it. DID any one say Noahs arc? there are just tons of stuff like that.

well i dont have any funny stories this week apart from the usual stares and open mouths we get when people see us. i feel like a circus animal somedays. the little kids always yell out funny stuff at us, it makes me laugh.

thats all for this week.

Love ya,
Elder Anderson

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