Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Old Men and "fancy hotels"

thanks for all the emails everyone! i got quite a few this week! i love emails! to be honest the days we get to read emails is my favorite and least favorite day. its my favorite because i get to hear about all you and its like refueling up the love in preparation for the next week. its my least favorite day because, its hard to tell you everything in an email and its tough to have to stop typing when the time runs out.

so i hear that general conference was pretty good. we have not listened to it yet. we will watch it this saturday and sunday. and we get to watch it in english, and the members watch it in chinese. its actually a rule that the missionaries have to watch it in their native language. since it takes them about a week to translate and then mail it, we always watch it the week after it is broadcasted. but thanks for the early information about the temples being built in Rome and Argentina. thats really cool!

well we had quite the run in with a very interesting man the other day. we were biking around in the down town area looking for people to talk to and we came across this guy who was outside of a hotel taking a smoke break. we pulled up to him and started talking to him, and he was really nice and even set up a time to meet with us at the church. as we talked to him we found out that he worked at the hotel and got off work at about 2 in the afternoon. as we were talking to him i noticed 2 old guys across the street, that were pointing at us and just laughing hysterically. i didnt know what the heck they were laughin at so i just waved and smiled at them, and they in a suprisingly friendly manner waved and smiled bike. usually people arent that nice, especially older men. well we finished talking to the guy that was taking a smoke break the old men were still giggling acrossed the road. i for the life of me could not figure out what the heck they were laughing about. so we left. as we biked away i looked back at the hotel that we had just contacted the guy at and i also started laughing hysterically. it turns out that the hotel we stopped out was one of those rent by the hour hotels. i finally figured out why those old men were laughin. they were laughing at these 2 little white missionaries completely oblivous to what kind of establishment they had just attempted to prosylete at. it was pretty funny. from the outside it looks okay, but if you read the sign in chinese you know its not a good place. i didnt read the sign before we stopped to talk to the guy, and plus this hotel is like downtown, its not in the red light district at all, its right next to the train station. anyways, i felt like kind of an idiot, but my companion who has been her for about a year and a half should have recognized those characters too.

o well what can you do. we tried right? we are meeting with that hotel worker tomorrow, we will see how it goes :).

halloween is coming soon! how cool is that? i am so excited to teach everyone over here about it. i think i will dress up as something weird.... maybe a missionary.... no no, thats to scary, everyone would run away from me. oo...wait... they already do. ;)

love ya all,
Elder Craig Anderson

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