Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A poem and a pervert

hey everyone.

basically this week was a good week. we had a area conference, where i got to see a lot of the elders i came to taiwan with. i can not believe that in aabout a month and a half i will be coming up on my year mark. where does time go? i dont have much to write about today. i wrote a little poem about time a couple months ago. i cant remember if i shared it with you before. it says

the older you get,
the quicker time flies,
so get off your butt,
and open your eyes.

the worlds out there,
already to play,
so dont just wait
for that bright sunny day.

put one your shoes,
and get up and go.
through rain and through wind,
through sleet and through snow.

the sooner you do it,
the sooner you'll see,
that life is not about,
the i or the me.

thats all for this week. love you all.

Elder Anderson

oh i almost forgot. so the other night we were biking home. we stopped at a stop light. in front of us was an older man on a scooter and another younger lady on another scooter next to him. i saw the old man scoot a little closer to the lady and start talking to her. i immediately got a sick feeling in my stomache. i knew something was going on. so i biked up to the guy and pulled up on his left hand side where he couldnt see me and listened to what he was saying for about 2 seconds. i heard a couple words that i immediately recognized as pretty foul. even if you didnt speak chinese just by looking at the poor ladies face you would have known he was sexually harassing her. so i said to the man. "HEY, GOOD EVENING!" he looked at me ignored me,and turned back to the lady on the scooter and started talking to her again. so i kicked his scooter and said "HOW ARE YOU THIS EVENING?!" he turned back to me with a little suprised look on his face and was like "uhh, fine i guess." i preceded to speak really loudly and asked him where he was going and just a bunch of other questions until the light turned green. the lady knew what i was doing and waved to me in a thank you kind of way and smiled and drove away. it was pretty funny. my companion didnt know what the heck i was doing, so afterwards he was like. what was that? i told him that the man was saying and he was a little shocked too. he was talking to someone else at the light. it was pretty intense. i felt like i did a good deed though. there are a lot of creepy men like that over here. i am just glad that i am a male, a white male too. they are a little scared of white people so thats good.

well i gotta go.

love ya,

Elder Craig Anderson

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