Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dec 9 Email

hello everyone,

Its been 10 days since i emailed you all. A lot has happened. Me and my new companion are getting along great. He is awesome. This is his 2nd to last transfer so he only has about 2 and a half months left. We get along great and have a blast working together.

This week we have been teaching like crazy. we went back and met with a bunch of people that the missionaries had forgot about and we found some really awesome people. One of them is a little interesting. He has this "health water" company. I wasnt going to argue with him but he told me that if you drank this water every day you would never get sick and would live forever. They use a "special" water filter. hahaha

My favorite way to teach investigators is to get them to talk. I dont really like to talk a lot and i think the investigators get bored if they have to listen to american accents all day. so usually i ask them questions that get them thinking and then add a little here and there to get them on the right path. After that we usually read a couple scriptures together to help them to better understand specific gospel topics.

Our English class is also going pretty good. or at least it was until my companion and i got sent down to teach the little kids. YIKES!! i am terrified of them. I want to go teach the Advanced class. There are 4 classes, Little Kids, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Advanced is the most fun because you basically just talk to them and explain funny little things about the english language.

Anyways, these little kids are crazy, i thought that we were going to get eaten alive. i want the Sister missionaries to come teach it, but they want to teach another class. O well 6 weeks and then we are done with them. There is one kid who is really cool though he is about 7 and can speak english pretty good, he says both his parents speak, but it is still amazing.

To get people to English class we invite them on the street. we do a lot of street contacting, and if it is apparent that they dont have any interest in learning about Jesus Christ we give them an English flyer with the time and address. We also hang up some little posters at colleges to let all the students know that for community service we teach a free english class.

I remember when i was teaching the advanced class we had an entire lesson on english slang. Obviously we only taught appropriate slang but it was really fun. They were really confused about "Let's roll" like lets go. then we told them there were a ton of different was to say the same thing, lets bounce, lets roll, lets hit it. they thought it was really funny.

So christmas is coming up fast. i dont know exactly when i will be calling you, probably christmas evening. it will be the morning for me on the 26th so i am pretty sure evening for you.

This week we had a really funny lesson with a man named Pan. We had a lesson with him or atleast tried to have a lesson with him. We sat down with him and started talking just getting to know him. He knows we are missionaries and what we do as a matter of fact he had met with missionaries before. So we said a prayer with him and then my companion started to open his scriptures and asked Pan if he could share a scripture. Pan told Elder Johnson that he didnt want to here any scriptures and that he just wanted to chat with us. I started laughing out loud. I have never seen any body tell us to close our scriptures. it was so funny, well we arent going to be meeting with him again. After he rejected my companions attempt to share a scripture, he started bombarding us with all sorts of crazy questions. we kept trying to him back on gospel topic but he was bouncing all over the place. Finally elder johnson was like why the stink are you asking so many random questions? and then the guy was like i dunno, i just want to learn about foreigners. so we told him that he can come to english class if he wants to learn about that stuff. we get a lot of people like that, who arent interested in religion.

streets are crazy here. i love small areas a lot better. the only thing better about the city is that you dont get as many crazy accents here. in the country you run into all sorts of different dialects. i could probably understand it know, but before i would have been so lost.

love ya

Elder Anderson

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