Monday, December 1, 2008

Hey its Me! Email Dec 1, 2008

well today is move day! i have a new companion Elder Johnson from American Fork Utah. It should be fun! I am staying in Kaohsiung so I did not have to go through the headache of having to pack everything up and move. I know Elder Johnson because we were in the same area when i was down in fang liao.

The past 4 days have been just getting ready for the move. We had a thanksgiving party on Saturday for our ward it was way fun, we put together a little skit about the pilgrims coming to america, but we put a little twist on it. The opening scene there are these 2 missionaries that knock on a familys door that are eating thanksgiving. the little kid runs to the door and sees that its the missionaries and yells back to his dad "hey dad, its missionaries do you want me to close the door?" but the dad says no its thanksgiving let them in. then we changed scenes and it goes to this indian family and the pilgrims knock on the door and the little indian kid runs to the door sees that its foreigners and yells back to the chief "hey dad its some white people, do you want me to close the door?" but the dad says no and lets them come in to eat thanksgiving. it was really funny, but kinda hard to explain.

on Wednesday, my english class students brought me presents. they asked me how old i was 2 weeks ago i told them i would be 20 soon and they remembered my bday. they are so nice, i got a really nice apple and some tasty taiwanese snacks.

on thanksgiving, Sister Frandsen and Elder Frandsen invited us over to eat thanksgiving. it was awesome, of course it was no where even close to as good as thanksgiving at Grandmas, but i atleast got to eat a turkey dinner.

then on friday, we spent the night getting ready for the thanksgiving party.

Saturday, thanksgiving party, packed up elder yen's stuff. and then we had a lesson at night. time flies.

sunday, went to church ate food. organized the stuff we needed for this move. then at night we went to visit an wu family. they are really nice, they feed us.

love ya,

i will email you in 10 days with an update

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