Monday, December 1, 2008

My Fellow Americans - Email Nov 25

This has been an awesome week! we have been teaching like crazy! yesterday we had 5 lessons in one day!! thats pretty rare over here. and all of our lessons were with amazing investigators.

Today is my birthday! stink i am 20 years old. actually because of jet lag i wont be 20 until tomorrow hahahaha. my last day as a teenager. it has been a really fun bday. we went and ate steak this afternoon. i will send you the pictures in a minute.

this week is also move week. i could be staying in Kaohsiung, but i could be moving too. i will know on friday and i will email you on monday (your sunday). this has been a really fun move. kaohsiung is a great city. i definitely like the country better though. people are to busy here. in the country it is more slow paced and people will chat with you.

on saturday we are having a big thanksgiving party for our ward. all our members are coming and so are some of our investigators. it should be fun. of course they invited all the americans to come too. my companion and i have been organizing it and so we are encharge of putting it together. its been fun.

this week we set a baptismal date with our brother lin. he is so cute. he is about 60 years old and is just hilarious. its been great teaching him, for the past couple weeks, he originally was the elders in the other districts investigator, but they found out he lives in our area so we took him and started teaching him. he is awesome! he reads a lot, which is the key to conversion, if you havent read the scriptures then it is going to be really hard to have a testimony of them.

yesterday we were teaching him in his small one room apartment. he lives there alone he has never been married. but his apartment is so clean and tidy i was really suprised. anyways, we taught him about baptism and told him that on december 27th we would like him to prepare to get baptized. he was so excited and said absolutely, he told us he had such a huge desire to be baptized. and i know that is true. i feel really bad for him because he just doesnt seem to have much in his life, but i know he has a testimony of Jesus Christ. and if you have got that, thats all you need.

we closed the lesson with a pray and my companion and i got up to leave. he came up to me and gave me a big huge. he is only about 4' 7" so he huged my stomach. i gave him a big huge back. i was really suprised. Chinese people dont huge, they think its really weird, unless it is a big occasion or something. anyways, he is just so cute. i was really moved by his enthusiasm towards baptism and his appreciation of missionaries.

originally he didnt want to let us come over to his house because he said he was a little embarassed since it is so small and he lives alone, but when we were leaving he told us. "come over anytime, this is your other home." i thought that was so nice of him. i seems like every culture has a saying about homes. mi casa es tu casa. that was what he said, except he doesnt speak spanish ;).

well thats about all for this week. dad sent me a letter the other day asking about the computers at the mission office. haha it made me laugh. i got a little tired of always telling you about fixing computer so i just stopped. but trust me i still fix them often enough. it is much more convenient now though being right next to the office. stinking computers.

Elder Anderson

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