Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bye Bye Koahsiung

Well I am emailing you from a smaller town called Gang Shan, which means Mountain Ridge. It is a smaller city, much smaller than Kaohsiung, and there are no skyscapers here. It is rural and not rural at the same time. Anyways, my new companion is Elder Williamee (its pronounced weeamee) anyways, he is a really awesome guy and I am excited to be here with him. This area seems really awesome and I am so excited to go to work here.

It was sad leaving Kaohsiung and Elder Johnson. Me and Elder Johnson got along really well and saw a lot of miracles. It was such an amazing move. This move is going to be just as good. It seems like my mission just keeps getting better and better. Everyday I learn so much.

Since I dont know that much about my new area i dont have much to tell you. The ride over here is always a little weird. When we move we are allowed to be seperated from our companions, so sitting on the train by myself and then waiting at the Train Station was so crazy. As i am sure you all know we are always with our companions so everytime I always feel like I am out in public naked. Hahaha... Im always thinkgin where is my companion?! Where is my companion?!! and then i realize that I dont have a companion. Its so weird! Its actually not that weird, but normally we are just so used to watching out for our companions it becomes second nature to be worrying about 2 people rather than just yourself. You are always checking for cars for your companion and telling them where to turn. Making sure people dont steal their stuff. That kind of stuff. Worrying about just yourself is the weird part.

So Gang Shan isn't that far away from Kaohsiung. Sometimes I wonder if i will ever get to stray very far away from the city. I really want to go up north sometime, see whats up there. Gang Shan is about a 30 minute train ride from the Mission Office.

My new apartment is so nice. Its the nicest one i have ever lived in. There are 4 missionaries in it. Usually we only have 2 missionaries to an apartment, but this one is a little bigger and a LOT nicer. The other companionship is an Elder Li, he is from Taiwan and is a pretty hilarious guy. And then his companion is Elder Mickelson, he is from Washington State.


He did the chinese characters above show up? Probably not, you alls computers probably cant read them?

Anyways, let me know if you can see those characters.

So on Last Thursday, Elder Johnson and i went to go see if we could find a service oppurtunity at one of the schools in our area. Anyways, we went in and talked with them and they were way excited to have us help them do the crossing guard stuff. Anyways, we were filling out the sign up forms and there was this really hilarious middle aged man and this lady helping. I started writing and chinese and the lady was like "You guys can write in Chinese?!?!?!and then the guy was like "Of course they can write in chinese, their chinese is better than yours is!" it was really hilarious. its not true but they were really nice. my chinese characters are so terrible I can read really well, but writing is not so good. its okay though, my english handwriting isnt that good either. so i didnt really expect my chinese to look good.

well i gotta go do some stuff. love you all.

Elder Craig Anderson
Kaohsiung Mission

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