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Email Jan 4, 2008- Jenga and Stink Awesome Investigators

Stink i am so happy! Missionary work is so ridiculously hard, but I love seeing the changes we can make in peoples lifes. We have been working with this guy named Zhang Jian, he is about 25 and is one of the most humble guys in the whole world. Anyways, he is addicted to smoking and drinking, just like a typical 20 year old here. But he has a lot of time right now so we have been teaching him about twice a week and then on sunday he comes to church. Well we met with him the other day and he has been reading scriptures like crazy, he is underlining all the parts he really likes and everytime he prays with us it seems more and more sincere. In the lesson the yesterday i asked him if he had noticed any changes in his life since he started meeting with us and reading and praying. He thought for a second and was like I feel more peaceful and I have a real desire to quit some of my bad habits. the coolest thing about it is, that we havent even him told him that in our church we cant drink or smoke. He probably knows, but we havent challenged him to it yet. I love seeing the Lord work his miracles as he prepares people to accept the gospel.

This week we had a really funny family home evening activity with one of the new members of our ward Chen yi zong. He is one of the strongest members and he has only been a member for 9 months. Anyways, we went over to his dormitory and brought jenga. Then we taught a lesson about how satan will decieve us into taking away pieces of our foundation in christ. First we will start listening to bad music and out comes a piece of the Jenga tower. Second we stop praying so we took out more pieces. Anyways, we played and played until finally crash, our foundation crumbled and our testimony is ruined. It was one of the most fun lessons we have taught. We played twice and it started to get really tall, but of course i had to be the one to knock it over hahaha...

My companion and i have been trying a new method for finding investigators. We start eating at the same little mom an pop stores. Needless to say we are starting to get a little plump. just kidding, but we have been eating a lot because. so there is this guy that owns a pudding shop who is pretty cool, i always order icees from him anyways. we went and talked to him for about 30 minutes and taught him about the gospel. Its interesting how if you set up the right situation you can create a little bit of curiousity in anybodies mind. Once the owners get a little curious they start talking with us more and sit down with us as we eat. Anyways the pudding guy is pretty good, yesterday he gave the pudding to us for free. He is a really nice guy.

The economy over here is pretty scary. A lot of people are losing their jobs just like they are in America. As a result of the poor economy a lot of missionaries bikes have been getting stolen. I have a really good lock on mine, but if they have a truck they can just grab it and drive off and cut the lock off later. The missionaries all have like $400 bikes because if you buy a cheap one, it won't last 2 years, especially the way we ride them.

Well the Move Notifications are coming up soon. This Friday, so i will be emailing you again on Monday. Pretty quick. I could stay or i could go, either works for me. I would like to stay and keep working with the investigators that we have right now, but part of me wants to see more of Taiwan. I have never been to the North part of our mission, im a southern boy.

I think i told you all about my goal. Next transfer I am not speaking english with my companion. My goal is to go until the end of my mission. we will see how it goes. I hope i dont train next move, that would be tough for my poor companion if i only spoke chinese to him hahaha.. oh well i bet he would learn really quick.

Until monday...

Elder Craig Alan Anderson

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