Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feb. 11, 2009

Sorry for the delayed emailed! we just got back from the temple in Taipei. It was so awesome, it was just really a great experience. While we were up there I ran into an elder I was with in my Missionary Training Center district-I havent seen him in about a year and it was great to catch up for a couple minutes. Occassionally we write a little postcard to eachother but it was fun to see some friends. The coolest thing about the temple was how amazingly spiritual it is. Everytime you go, you can't help but have you faith increased and your appreciation of the Lord Jesus Christ increased also. Luckily the meeting was conducted in English. It would have been really tough in Chinese, its really deep stuff. Well today we don't have a whole lot of time because we just got back and we have to go start our english class in about 45 minutes. But I just wanted to send an email so that you all wouldnt get worried. I love you all so much! So what's new on the home front? I hear rumors of Ford and Chevy and all them went Bankrupt and are no longer making cars or something? I can't believe that. Oh well, we will climb out of the rut i am sure. People are always talking about the economy over here, we arent allowed to make comments about it since we are missionaries so its really weird. We just have to change the subject or keep our mouths shut. The same with politics, which is tough because those are the 2 things that peope like to talk about most. Well since we had to sit on a train for 4 hours today I am a little tired. I am gonna call it quits and head home to grab something to eat. I love you all.
Elder Craig Anderson
Taiwan Kaohsiung Mission

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