Thursday, March 12, 2009

February 17, 2009

Today we finally have a rest! We have been running around so much this move. Last week we were in Taipei and the week before that we we went hiking. Today, we are just going to relax and play some ping pong. I found a new ping pong friend, I think he is pretty good. We will see. Last week was a really tough week as far as teaching went. The entire week last week we only taught one lesson. All we did last week was talk to people on the street. For some reason all of our good investigators were too busy. But on Sunday they all came to church so that was good. It was a little embarassing when we went to talk to the bishop this week, even in Asia 1 lesson is a pretty low number. Its okay though because this week we found a ton of really interested people. On Monday we had 3 new investigators. So I guess after our trials we get a little ward. Right now I am in a smaller city called Gang Shan. Its actually got a large land mass, but once you get out of the city it gets pretty rural. I am in a small little ward. They are pretty good to us, you can't really blame the members when they are mean to you though. They just don't understand what is like to be a missionary, some of them just don't understand the importance of missionary work. Our bishop though is amazing, he is one of the most amazing members i have ever seen. He is so willing to help and is always encouraging us to do better. Thanks mom for reminding me I am past the half way point. I am so sad, it seems like the time has gone way to fast. Last night I was thinking about what it would feel like when i get released as a missionary. I just can't imagine taking off the name tag that I have the honor or wearing everyday. It is sad to think that i only have one chance to do this. I love my mission what I like most about it is the fact that I get to be a personal representative of Jesus Christ. Anyone can teach about Christ, but I have the privilege of being his messenger. I can't imagine any greater position in the world. Another thing i love about being a missionary is seeing people make changes in their lives to follow the commandments of God. When they do this you can see the light that seems to glow from them. It reminds of the scripture in the Bible. "Let your light so shine before men, that they make see your good works and glorify your God which is in heaven." You truly can tell the difference between people that are living the Gospel of Jesus Christ and those that arent. And that's why I love my mission.
This week we started doing service at this school right next to our apartment. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we are crossing guards hahaha. and we get to wear this little goofy hats and reflective vests. Anyways, I thought it was exciting because its pretty rare to get to wear anything that exotic in public. Can you believe it?! I got to wear a reflective vest hahahaha. Ok it might not seem cool to you, but those vests are pretty sweet, they put Michael Jacksons reflective little outfits to shame. Now all I gotta do is start wearing one white glove and then my wardrobe would be complete. Heck i could even start moon walking across the street as i wave the hunter orange flags above my head.
Love ya all Elder Craig Anderson
Taiwan Kaohsiung Mission

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