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March 10, 2009

Taichong Mission and Exterminators
I have some really cool things to tell you guys! As a matter of fact they will change the rest of my mission. As I am sure some of you know President Hsu our mission president will be heading home in July. So the past couple weeks we have been waiting to hear who our new mission President will be. Well yesterday at the Leadership Training Meeting, President Hsu read to us a letter from the Prophet. In the letter it stated that the Kaohsiung Mission will be consolidated into the Taichong mission! Starting July 1st I will be a Taichong Mission Missionary. The Kaohsiung Mission is becoming part of Taichong. How crazy is that? I will now have a chance maybe to go serve in Central Taiwan. Taichong doesnt take care of northern Taiwan though so i wont go to Taibei. But still. Not many missionaries get to say they served in 2 different missions. My new mission president is the current Taichong Mission President. I don't know him or much about him, but it will be fun to work with a new mission president. All the missionaries are so suprised. We are excited though, it will probably be a little tough to transition at first, but it should be a great learning opportunity.
After the Leadership Training Meeting yesterday, I helped president Hsu setup a backup for his computer. I wrote a really cool backup program that they use in the mission office and he just wanted me to put that on one more computer so it was pretty easy. I was teasing him that he can't tell the new mission president that I can fix computers, maybe I can keep it a secret and fly under the radar. haha actually if they need help I am willing to help.
This week we have had 2 investigators that are so close to baptism. One is a native aboriginee kid, named kang bi. He is awesome, as a matter of fact, he is the pianist for another church here in Gang Shan. Its an aboriginee christian church and is a little different from most christian churches, but he has been reading the scriptures and praying like crazy. If you do those 2 things you will gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. If you dont you wont. He is awesome. We invited him to be baptized and he said he would have to think about it. Since right now he has a responsibility at the other church he doesn't want to just run away. He is so awesome! we don't want him to ditch his responsibility either, so he has been trying to find somebody else to take his place. As soon as he can find somebody he will get baptized. We just hope he can find somebody!!!
Our other investigator is a filipino guy named Greg. I think I have told you about Greg before. He is so hilarious. Since my companion can't speak English, usually Greg and I just talk. I help my companion translate if he wants, but usually he just lets me teach Greg. We taught Greg at a 7-11 so the environment wasn't the best. I invited him to be baptized and he agreed!!! But he said he doesn't want to in Taiwan. I don't blame him either. If I was him chuch is very difficult to attend in Chinese. I translate for him, but it is not the same. He is going home in September or October and wants to be baptized when he gets home!! We will forward all the information to the Phillipines, but until then we will keep meeting with him.
Well My time is running low. Time is not like gasoline unfortunately, you can not refill it whenever you are almost out.
Gotta go Love Elder Anderson
ooo hahaha... so this week our aparment complex hired exterminators to come and spray all the sewers in the area. It smelled really bad cuz they use this smoke stuff, but I couldn't help but laugh at all those little mosquitos in there choking. My companion knows a little enlglish and he does an imitation of a mosuito in the sewers. He bends his knees and starts to shake and says "I'm so sccaarreedd!" Hahahah it looks so hilarious. I am glad they finally did something about the mosquitos thoough, cuz it was getting really bad.

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