Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 3, 2009

Congratulations to Crystal and Jake! So his name is Samuel? Can i call him Sambo, or Simba for short? Hahaha, I hear he is cute and looks a lot like Jake. But you really can't tell he is so young. Crystal you should be glad people don't say he looks like you, if people started telling me that I looked like a pudgy little bald bundle of love I might be a little offend.) I can't believe i have a new nephew, before I get home someone better teach that kid how to hold a fishing rod. I have 2 nieces and one nephew now. SO stink cool! Well Gang Shan is doing crazy good! Because there are only 2 of us now, we stay very busy. As a matter of fact, during our nightly planning sessions we only have to spend about 5 minutes planning, because the days are already planned out for this week. Lots and lots of lessons.
We visited the new Liu family this week. They love us, we brought some games over to there house and talked about how our priorities effect our lives and that family should be our number one priority. The parents loved it and invited us over again this saturday, this time to talk about our church's message.
Last night we met with the funniest man I have ever met. He was so energetic and at first I thought he was mocking us because he was acting so excited when were teaching him new stuff! But then I realized he was genuinely excited, we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said we would have it read in 2 weeks. We tried to tell him that speed wasn't the most important thing and that pondering its message was most important, but he seemed pretty intent on reading in 2 weeks. hahaha... o well it should be good. That was one of the best lessons I think I have ever had. When I spoke it just seemed so natural, usually I am usually trying to compose grammar and think of the right word, but last night it was perfect. It truly was an awesome lesson!
I love my new companion. Elder Li is hilarious. We get along great! I really like being with native companions, they seem a lot more humble. We are doing so great here! I probably won't be moving at least for another 2 months or so, so I am glad that our area is doing so well. When your area is struggling it makes the work a lot tougher. Last Sunday I played the piano again for Sacrament meeting, but this time i had practiced. During lunch and dinner time last week I practiced a couple new Hymns. I really like to play piano, just not in front of 80 people. It is weird how you can play a song perfectly by yourself, but as soon as you get up in front of a congregation its totally different. It is also tough, because you have to listen to the congregation and adjust your speed. I had never really be a church pianist before until I came here. Hahahaha.... poor Gang Shan has to listen to me every Sunday. Its not that bad, as long as I can practice during meal times.
I have I ever whined about the mosquitos here. Man they are everywhere, I swam through a flock of them the other night. There were so many I thought that they were going to pick me up and carry me away. My companion calls them F-22 like the fighter airplanes. It's hilarious cuz he says it in English and it makes me laugh every time. Right after he says it he makes the sound of a turbine engine. Oh good times. Amazingly, I havent gotten bitten at all recently, I have been really careful cuz some of them have got a weird fever thing that I dont want to get. I guess Gang Shan is infamous for mosquitos. We are famous for 2 things here, Mosquitos and Goat meat. Its actually pretty good eatin, sometimes the Mosquitos get a little fiesty when you try and put then in the Microwave, but I usually just flex my muslcles and show them who is boss and they jump right in.
We live in an brand spanking new apartment complex built for Veterans so all the people there are mostly old army dudes. They are pretty hardcore old guys there. That guy I play ping pong with is an old army man. Anyways, it is weird cuz there are thousands of older people and then these young 20 year olds. It kind of feels like we are living in an retirement home. hahaha, I dont feel retired, I feel tired, but not retired. Wow to be "re"-tired most be really tiring. Ok that wasn't funny.
I know I tell you all the time, but I love my mission. I don't think there is anything more that I would like to do write now than be a missionary. Of course I miss home and america but it is fun to be have the chance to serve that I have. Lastly, iIwanted to tell you about Superman. There is a member here named Superman. He is very special. Really weird actually, anyways, he is about 45 years old.He is working on graduating from college, which I think is awesome. But he wants me to do all his English homework. I guess its not really homework, he has to translate his thesis into english. Most of the students just pay to have it done, but he doesnt have enough money. A couple weeks ago my companion volunteered me to translate this paper. It is so hard, I just finished yesterday. This paper destroyed my confidence hahaha. I thought that i had okay chinese, but this paper was going off on all this crazy stuff, like mechanically engineering. I wanted to cry when I was trying to translate it. Anyways, superman was very grateful for the free missionary english translation. It was interesting service that we were able to do this week. Plus I learned a lot of useless technical terms I almost got eaten by our elevator. Elevators in asia are different then our American elevators. Elevators here have an appetite. And if you get stuck in the middle they will squeeze you until you are flat as a piece of paper. Its okay though we were able to pry it open and release me from it evil little jaws. My shoulders are still a little sore. Hahahaha... Well I pray for me to find more families to teach.
Love ya Elder Craig Anderson

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