Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 2- what you see below

Hey Hey Hey
Well it has been another wonderful week in the Office. Since it was the end of the move last week I was really busy. I have to prepare a lot of things when missionaries get moved around, so it is a big headache. When 50 people get up and move and you have to keep track of them all it makes it really tough. I can't even imagine how they got work done back in the day when they didn't have computers. I have a hard enough time working with everything even though I can use a computer.

Since we don't go out that much, I don't really have any cool stories, so I figured I would have to spoil you all with some pictures.

1 - We went and hiked this mountain on preparation day and on the very top of the mountain there are these natural gas geysers. Anyways, they spit out this really cool mud stuff and over time it makes these little mud pillars, or mud volcanoes. I was worried it might explode while I was on top of it... Just kidding they don't really explode, they just kind of squirt.

2 - You remember that old man who would always cheat when we played Ping Pong. Well we got him on tape, I might have to notify the local judicial system about the evidence we have gathered. Currently it is still an on-going investigation, but with this latest break through I think we can close it.

3 - This is my old companion Elder Li! He is awesome and we had such an amazing 4 weeks together. It was to bad that we didn't get to spend the whole 6 weeks working together, but I had to go and get myself assigned to working in the Mission Office.

4 - This is my favorite food street in Gang Shan. They have the best curry pork in the entire world. Oh and just so you know, this is one of the wider alley ways. They can get a lot smaller, trust me.

5 - For those of you that know me really well, this picture might seem weird. I hate bowling! But we went on preparation day and it was actually really fun.

6 - This is just some random guy that wanted to take a picture with me. They were really nice and we invited them to come to church.

7 - And last but not least (matter of fact this is my favorite picture), this is the Soy Sauce aisle at the grocery store. Everything on the left hand side is strictly Soy Sauce!!! Who would have thought that they would have that much Soy Sauce in Asia!

Anyways, things are going great I am still acclimating to being in an office. We stay really busy, you would think that because I can use a computer pretty well it would make things go smoother, which it does, but then I end up picking up extra projects and what not to help out the office. Like the software we are making for the native missionaries to learn English. It is fun though, and it is a whole different aspect of Missionary work that i get to learn about. It is also fun to be able to talk with president hsu as often as we get to and learn about how the mission is run and about the inspiration that is involved with every little detail.

Well I hope these pictures can stifle your thirst to know about what is going on in my life.

I love you all so much,

Elder Craig Anderson

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