Wednesday, June 10, 2009

May 12, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day to everybody!
It has been another great week in the service of the Lord! We saw so many miracles and blessings this week. Since we only have a couple hours at night to go proselyte we usually do not find that many people to teach, but lately we have been so blessed to find people everywhere. It seems like we can hardly step foot out of the office without talking with somebody that has an interest in hearing the Gospel.

Last night we got out of the office a little late and were hoping that we could find one person that would set up a time with us for latter in the week. Instead of finding 1 person, we found 2 and instead of setting them up they agreed to sitting down with us immediately. Both of them have setup times to meet with us again. They are so good!!

On Sunday, we had a really neat experience with a man that just walked into the church. I know that doesn’t sound that miraculous to you, but in Taiwan, people do not just walk into a Christian Church. So we gave him a little tour of the Chapel and then sat down with him. As we were talking with him we asked him, “Why did you decide to come into the Church?” and he said, “When I saw it, it looked really warm and friendly, kind of like as if it were my home.” It was one of the best lessons I think I have ever seen. He was so excited about reading the scriptures and when we offered to give him the Book of Mormon, he insisted he must buy the book. Obviously we can’t take many, so we insisted that we absolutely would not accept any payment. He was so astonished and excited about this new scripture he had to read. Unfortunately, his family was still waiting for him outside. They had been eating at the restaurant next to our Chapel and he finished early so he could come take a look inside our church. So he had to leave in a hurry and we didn’t get a chance to set up another time to meet with him. I hope he comes back next week, he was really intelligent.

Then when we were tracting the other night we were trying desperately to find a family. We could not for the life of us find a family that was willing to listen to our message about eternal families. Finally, we knocked on this one door and at first I didn’t think they were going to let us in, but they did and we taught them all about who Heavenly Father is and what his plan is for us. It was a very different family, it was an uncle who takes care of his brothers kids. One of the kids was mentally handicapped and we think that the uncle might have adopted the kids because their parents passed away or just aren’t able to care for these kids. We are going back on Sunday to teach them more about the Plan of Salvation.

As for the office week, it continues on. We are still preparing for the merge of the 2 missions on July 1st. So we have about 6 weeks to get everything ready for that. But guess what happened!? My shredder broke! I was so sad, but after fiddling with it for a while I fixed it. My companion tried to stick about 30 sheets thru at the same time and it clogged it up really good. Anyways, as the sequel to my last adventure with the shredder I have included some pictures.

1st picture is my companion and I with 2 other elders at the Aquarium on our rest day. My companion is on the far left. And then there is Elder Fronk and Elder Wang
2nd picture is me fiddling with the shredder…. Hahaha I am sure you hate pictures of this by now
And then the rest are just some random pictures

Love yall

Elder Craig Anderson

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