Wednesday, June 10, 2009

May 19, 2009

This week we met the coolest guy on the street. He is so perfect! We went and ate dinner together and he was asking all these really deep soul searching questions. I really like him a lot. He is a computer programmer in the building across the street from ours. On the way home the other night we saw him on the street and started talking with him. At first he was really stand offish, but then I started talking about computers with him and he really warmed up.

We gave him a church pamphlet and invited him to read it. So we setup a time to meet a couple days later. We all went to this little shop across the street and ate. He had read the pamphlet several times and had all these awesome questions about, "why are we here on earth?" "how do we know what is true?" So good! We gave him a Book of Mormon and setup another time to meet. He was so excited to read scriptures, when we gave it to him he could hardly pay attention to what we were talking about because he was flipping over the pages and holding it like it was the best gift he had ever gotten.

His name is Benjamin Chen, we actually helped him pick the name Benjamin because he didn't have an English name. Most people over here have an English name that they use. But Benjamin didn't so we helped him pick.

Today there are some new missionaries coming to our mission. 3 new ones to be exact. The new missionaries are so much fun because they are so perfect. Their faith is so strong and they just have no idea what to do. But you can feel their enthusiasm for the work and its awesome. Although they are completely clueless about how to do missionary work, they bring a spirit and a drive that is a strong inspiration and motivation to us. I love being around the new missionaries because they are basically white slates. You can teach them, and they are willing to accept what you teach. Even when we eat it is just so hilarious to watch this missionaries try to use chopsticks hahahaha... Don't worry I usually don't laugh at them. As I am sure you can tell I am excited to welcome these new missionaries today.

I have good news too! I do not have to do referrals anymore! Last week I was supposed to move from my current job to do that, but my company Elder Zheng isn't moving. I am so relieved, I was really not that excited to do that job. So I get to keep doing what I have been doing for a while now. Anyways, thats good right?

I also have some more good news. I might be leaving the Office on July 1st to go back out into the field. Originally President Hoer of the Taichong Mission was going to take all of us in the Mission Office up to Taichong and work from there, but now it looks like they won't need us so we can go back and be normal missionaries again!!!! I am so excited, but still plans could change. Lets just hope I can get out into the field soon.

Well thats the story for the week. If you have complaints please email them to somebody else. :) hahaha

love ya
Elder Craig Anderson

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