Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30, 2009 Email

Elder Yang just happens to be terrified of elevators. As we have been packing up the mission office, it has been hilarious to see Elder Yang as he nervously gets in the elevator with all the boxes. Finally, we took the last trip to the car and we headed back up to clean the office.
Well we cleaned everything up and at about 10:15PM decided to head home to get some sleep. As we headed down the elevators we all looked at each other and it just seem to click in everybody’s head all at the same time. “1..2...3.. JUMP!” So we took a little jump in the elevator just to scare Elder Yang, however, it must have also shocked the elevator too because it came to an abrupt stop! We started pushing all the buttons and it wouldn’t move.
Luckily however we did have ice cream on hand so we called the management and then sat down and started to eat our ice cream. Finally an hour and a half later, all of the sudden it started moving again and we were freed. It was a very interesting being in the elevator that late at night, for a minute or two there I thought that we might be having a little camp out in the elevator.

Love Elder Craig Anderson

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