Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 5, 2009. Hoses and 1000

I finally moved away from the office!! I am a place called Feng Shan now and it is an awesome place. It is rural in some places and really busy in others. It is perfect. My new companion is Elder Nicolai Christensen from Park City, UT. This is the first companion that I have had that has lived so close to us.

Once I found out he was from Park City, I had to ask him if he ever remembered when the big red "PC" statue in front of their school got painted yellow. He said he remembered it and he told me all about it. I started laughing and had to tell him that it was me that painted it. Small world huh? It was homecoming week so I had to do something to show my school spirit right?

Anyways, today is our P-day because we merged with Tiachung Mission last week. All the people in Taichung are moving today. So I will still email you on Wednesday as normal.

Elder Christensen is on his 3rd move so he is still really new, which is really fun. For example last night we were eating at a members house and Sister Lin was asking if we were full, and we were so full, so I told her that I was full but my companion was still starving so she came back with a big old plate full of sausage and kept putting them in his bowl. Hahahahaha... And then 2 days ago there was this kid playing with a hose and I told the kid, "Hey my companion wants you to spray him!" and so the kid looked at me like "Really?" and I was like "Yeah, he says it is really hot and that he wants you to spray him a little bit." Right as the kid started to spray my companion Elder Christensen figured out what was going on and ran away.

We are getting along great. He is a really great guy! Our area is struggling a little bit, we don't really have a lot of investigators currently, but we have a goal to invite 1000 people to meet with us this week. I think we can do it!

The Taichung Mission is really different from my old Kaohsiung Mission. They have different ways of doing things and different rules, which will be hard to adjust too but I think it will a great learning experience. I miss President and Sister Hsu so much. Those 2 were so awesome, I hope they are doing good and having a nice rest in Hawaii. That is where they live so I guess it isn't probably like the vacation we would think it is, but I bet they are taking a rest after 3 years of service.

Being a missionary really takes a lot out of people. I saw President and Sister Hsu's picture from 3 years ago and they looked so much younger hahahaha... I guess they did worry a lot about us missionaries.

So funny story, I have been using a left over bike from a missionary that just went home and it is terrible. If you pedal to hard the chain will skip off of the teeth on the gears. Anyways i was pedaling up the driveway from the parking garage underneath out apartment and sure enough it started skipping of the teeth. it is really loud when it does it, so the security guard that protects our complex came running over and saw me walking my bike up the embankment with the chain clicking against the gears. I told him "This bike is a piece of junk." and he laughed and in English said "Made in China." Hahaha... it was just funny because Taiwanese people are really proud of the quality stuff that they make so it made me laugh.

Today we are going to a science museum so that should be pretty cool. I have actually been wanting to go to this museum for a long time, but all my other companions had either already been or they just didn't want to go. But this morning Elder Christensen was like hey do you wanna go? So i we are going. Probably sounds boring to you, but I think it will be cool.

Pray for us this week so that we can talk with 1000 people! Love you all,

Elder Anderson

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