Monday, August 24, 2009

sombreros and spagetti July 16, 2009

This week was another very interesting and busy week. The weeks seem to flying by! President Hsu will be heading home in less than 2 weeks! After that our new Mission President will be coming down and meeting with the office staff down here. Hopefully, I will get to leave the mission office and get to go back into the field. At the present time I should be going back out to be a normal missionary soon.
I really want to go to a place that is smaller and more rural. I feel like I can do more good in those places. In the city there is just TOO much stuff to do you can’t figure out what to do. But out in the country you can really focus on a couple people rather than trying to juggle 20 or more in the city.
So you will not believe this! Right next to our office is a new Mexican Restaurant. It is authentic!! There is this guy from LA. He grew up in the states but his parents are Taiwanese. He doesn’t really speak Chinese, but he speaks English just as good as any American. He isn’t really Taiwanese at all he is American. Anyways, he just opened up this shop and the food is so good. He is a really nice guy and he is already asking questions about us. I am hoping that we can just kind of eat Mexican food with him and talk to him about the gospel. He is such a nice guy, probably about 26, his name is Mark Wu.
It was really funny, because lately I have been thinking about how much I missed Mexican food and then sure enough we see the sign for “Pacos Tacos” pop up last week. Eating at peoples restaurants and making friends with them is such a great way to share the Gospel. What happens is people kind of realize that we are people too. A lot of people when they see us must see us as aliens or machines or something. There is this Wei Family that I always go and eat their noodles at their noodle shop. They might be coming to church soon. They love us though and think we are the funniest nicest people in the world. In actuality they are the funniest nicest people in the world.
Well I need to go get my fix of Mexican food.

So I ripped apart our network here at the office, because whoever put it together before must have thought that networks are supposed to look like a bowl full of spaghetti noodles. Hope you like the pics!

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