Monday, August 24, 2009

Stunt Devils and teenagers July 14, 2009

well i may not be summiting everest this week. but it has been a pretty good week:). i hope dad and ali are doing good and having fun.

this week was such an awesome week. we talked with a lot of people and it was awesome. we didn't reach the goal of talking with 1000 people, which was fine because this week we spent most of our time teaching people. everyday we had about 5-7 appointments. it was really nice. there are 3 young kids that we have been working with that are getting ready to get baptized. there are all 16 year old guys and they are awesome. i never knew 16 year old guys ccould be so spiritual. anyways, we are trying to make them all become friends so that they can strengthen each as they grow in the church.

there is one kid named Andiee who is just awesome. He met the missionaries about 3 years ago and came to church a lot, but his parents didn't like him going to church because they are buddhist so they told him he couldn't go anymore. well last week we ran into him on the street and he was like yeah i would love to come back to church, but my parents say i can't. so we told him to go tell his parents that he wanted to come to church on sundays and stuff and his parents said that would be great as long as it makes him a better person. which of course it will!! he loves praying and reading the scriptures and he loves church. there aren't to many 16 year olds who love sitting thru 3 hours of church, but you can just tell he loves every minute of it.

the other 2 kids are Weng Kid and, Xu kid. I found these drumsticks in our apartment, i have no idea what they were doing there. anyways, the Xu kid plays the drums so we took them over to his house last night and gave them too him. his dad was so touched by us giving him these old drumsticks that we found. now his dad is super happy that his son is going to become christian. as a matter of fact he has been asking us, what else does he need to do? he will even make sure his son is saying his prayers at night! isn't that awesome! his dad is buddhist, but will still make sure that his son is being true to his commitments.

as far as preaching the gospel, everything has been going great. however, recently my companion took up being a stuntman. 4 days ago we were going to visit this investigator out in the middle of no where and we were cruising down this pretty steep hill, i was about 50 yards behind my companion, when all of the sudden this scooter pulled out from a side street right into his path. my companion isn't a very coordinated kid and he kind of freaked out and ran straight into the scooter. He went flying thru the air and did a full flip. hahahaha... luckily he was fine, but now i call him Evil Kanevil. his bike was beat up really badly and he was a little scratched up. the front tie on his bike was all crooked! i guess thats what happens when you ram right into a scooter.

he has only been here for 3 months and is still getting used to the driving style over here. its okay though, i think this accident has been a great learning experience hahaha.

well it was great to hear that Grandma is doing so well. sounds like everything is under control. hope you start feeling better grams. i love you and pray for you all the time.

love you all,
Elder Anderson

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